Russian Community for Person-Centered Approach (RCPCA) was found in the year 2011 as an entity that unites practitioners, scientists and ordinary people who share the philosophy of the Carl Rogers’ Person-Centered Approach. Community is an organizational member of the WAPCEPC and NEAPCEPC. Since 2012, RCPCA holds its annual conference in the partnership with the Higher School of Economics, one of the leading Research Universities in Russia and Eastern Europe. There are also several training groups being conducted under the community’s umbrella, as well as a number of reserch and publishing activities.


RCPCA Founders: Prof. Fyodor Valisyuk, Dr. Venya Kolpachnikov, Prof. Alex Orlov.

RCPCA President: Prof. Alex Orlov

RCPCA Vice-President: Dr. Venya Kolpachnikov

RCPCA Chief Operational Officers (Directors): Marina Bazhenova, Marina Zhigulina (past: Kirill Kryuchkov: 2014-2015; Anna Fedoseeva: 2011-2014)